Reasons why the vibrating screen does not outlet discharge


  1. The sieve body of the vibrating screen should maintain the horizontal level with the horizontal plane during installation. If the horizontal level of the sieve body is not balanced, the screen surface will be offset to a certain extent, and the material cannot flow in a straight line;

  2. After the screen of the vibrating sieve is broken for a long time, the material will not flow normally on the screen surface;

  3. When the vibrating sieve feed is uneven, the material is difficult to be subjected to uniform excitation force, so it will also cause abnormal flow of material on the linear vibrating sieve;

  4. When the support spring of the sieve body is too rigid, it is easy to cause the material to be subjected to a large excitation force, resulting in severe vibration. If the support spring is damaged, the material will be unevenly stressed and flow abnormality.

  Solution for vibrating screen does not outlet discharge

  1. Adjust the horizontal plane of the linear vibrating screen to maintain the level of the sieve body;

  2, to maintain uniform and continuous feeding of materials, feeding can not be too much or too little, resulting in unbalanced sieve body load;

  3. Select the support spring with certain toughness as the support of the linear vibrating screen to prevent the support spring from being damaged due to excessive rigidity, adjust the support spring, replace the damaged spring structure and the damaged screen.