Sawdust linear vibrating screen


  Sawdust linear vibrating screen is most suitable for sawdust sieving. Wood chips are sawdust and shavings which product from wood processing. Mainly used for fuel and light bone fillers, or composite into wood-based panels, such as MDF. Also can be used as a raw material for paper making.

  In the screening of wood chips, the role of the linear vibrating screen is also very obvious. Wood chips are corner scraps produced during the production and processing of furniture factories or multi-layer board factories. These scrap materials can be recycled as environmentally friendly raw materials, or they can be made into incense or mosquito coils, which is in line with sustainable development strategies.

  Linear vibrating screens have very high screening efficiency when sieving wood chips and are not easily damaged. Because wood chips usually have a certain humidity before sieving, there is no powder flying during the sieving process. In the screening, the linear vibrating screen can be used in up to five layers, and the material can be divided into five grades, and the finest can reach 325 mesh. If fine screening is required in the production of wood chips, it can be used as usual. With other equipment, a production line can be successfully completed, manual management of machinery, auxiliary production can be achieved, not only reduces labor, but also makes production stable and fast.

  Wood chip linear vibrating screen has high screening precision, large processing capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long service life of screen, good sealing, no dust overflow, convenient maintenance, and can be used in the automation of assembly line production.