Screen frame of vibrating screen—wooden screen frame and metal screen frame


  The use of wooden screen frames for mining vibration screening is relatively large, and the classification is generally pine, poplar and the like. The advantages of wooden grids are obvious. First, the cost is relatively low and the screen replacement is more convenient. The tension of the screen is also slightly better than the tension of the metal mesh.

  However, wooden frames are not as durable as metal mesh frames. The mining vibrating screen frame is divided into stainless steel and carbon steel. The material of the mine vibrating screen is usually determined by the customer's requirements and the characteristics of the fines that need to be dried. For example, in the food and chemical industries, materials need to be contacted with SUS 304 to meet industrial safety requirements, such as ceramic granules and glass, powders, and the like.

  It does not corrode and does not require the use of stainless steel in contact with the screen frame. Carbon steel materials or wooden lattices can be used to save costs. In short, it is highly recommended to use metal mesh frames to screen material products. The requirements are not particularly strict. Wood frames can be chosen for production and processing costs.