The screening accuracy and output of the vibrating screen cannot meet the requirements.


  Frequent damage accidents of the main parts of the vibrating screen directly affect the production efficiency of the vibrating screen. Do the daily maintenance and analyze the common failure causes to improve the working efficiency of the vibrating screen and extend its service life. In this article, we will share the vibration sieving accuracy and output requirements, as well as the reasons and solutions for network blocking and torsional vibration problems.

  1. Screening accuracy can not meet the requirements

  This problem is often encountered by many users. Because material accuracy affects product quality, it ranks first in common failures. The main reasons that affect the screening accuracy are insufficient number of screen meshes, insufficient screen tension, broken screens, insufficient excitation force, and insufficient length.

  For the above problems, the measures that can be taken are:

  ① Replace the corresponding screens and use regular screens to achieve the accuracy standards;

  ② The screen tension is not enough. You can use a special screen loading tool or a professional screen loading machine to achieve the ideal tension.

  ③ Once the screen is damaged, it should be stopped and replaced immediately;

  ④ Insufficient motor excitation force will also cause insufficient screening accuracy. Reasonably adjusting the motor excitation force can effectively improve the screening accuracy;

  ⑤ Screening machine length determines the screening progress. Reasonably increasing the length of the screen surface is also an effective method to improve the screening accuracy.

  2. Output does not meet production requirements

  Factors that affect output include incorrect screen model, insufficient motor power, and unreasonable screen selection.

  The measures that can be taken for these issues are:

  ① Screening diameter determines output and quality, so a reasonable increase in screen surface diameter can effectively increase output;

  ② Different types of vibrating screens use different vibration motors. If the motors equipped with the screening machine do not match, the output will be affected. If you find this problem, please replace the motor in time;

  ③ The higher the number of screen meshes, the better the screening accuracy. High screening accuracy will affect the output. Therefore, a reasonable increase in the opening rate can effectively increase the output.

  3. Network blocking problem

  No matter what kind of material, there will be network blocking problems in the production process, so the net cleaning device is indispensable. Before solving the problem of blocking the network, you should first find the cause of the blocking of the material. Common reasons are the characteristics of the material itself and the irregular shape of the material.

  The measures that can be taken for these issues are:

  ① For problems caused by the viscosity, adsorption, agglomeration, static electricity and other characteristics of materials, corresponding net cleaning devices, such as ultrasonic net cleaning devices, can be selected;

  ② If the shape of the material is irregular, and it is polygonal or strip-shaped, you need to use punching plates to clean the screen.

  4. Vibration screen torsional vibration phenomenon

  Failure of any part of the vibrating screen during operation will affect the next production process. When the direction of the excitation force generated by the vibrating screen shakes or the spring damping parameters fail, it will cause the screen box to produce a "torsional vibration phenomenon", and material deviation, resonance, and stagnation will occur.

  The "torsional vibration phenomenon" of the equipment will not only affect the screening effect, but also damage the structure of the equipment, which will lead to uneven distribution of the vibration force and the equipment screen box to crack, which will greatly shorten the service life of the vibration screen. The reasons and solutions are as follows:

  (1) There are three main reasons for the poor flow of materials on the screen surface of the vibrating screen: first, the screen box is not tough enough, and the connecting bolts are loosened, and they should be tightened in time; second, the horizontal horizontal imbalance of the screen box must be supported from If the foot spring itself is faulty, immediately change the spring or change the size of the support. It is also possible that the screen mesh is damaged and the screen mesh can be replaced immediately. The third type may be caused by improper operation, that is, imbalanced feeding.

  (2) The vibrating screen cannot be started or the amplitude is small. Check whether there is any obstacle, the motor is damaged, the components in the circuit are damaged or the voltage is insufficient. If these problems can be ruled out, you can check whether the material on the vibrating screen surface is Build up too much and then clear. On the other hand, check whether the coupling bolts fall off, and adjust the position of the eccentric shaft weight or auxiliary eccentric block as required.

  (3) If the working time is too long at the critical frequency, the side plates of the vibrating screen will crack, the beams will break, and the structural parts will be damaged. It may be that the side plate fastening bolts are loose, the spring is deformed, or the eccentric block error is too large. At this time, replace the damaged parts and tighten the bolts.

  (4) The vibrating screen rotates too slowly and the bearings become hot, which indicates that the usual maintenance is not timely, the lack of bearing grease, or the quality of the newly added grease, causing the bearings to block the labyrinth seal and jam.

  (5) The screening quality of the vibrating screen is not good, which leads to blockage of the mesh, increase of the particle size and humidity in the material, too thick feeding layer and uneven feeding. It is also possible that the two sides of the screen are not pulled tightly, causing the belt to become too loose and weak during dragging. There is a problem after the treatment, and it can be reversed for a period of time to improve the screening quality.

  (6) Bearing damage, loose bolts, broken beams, and damaged springs cause excessive noise in the vibrating screen. Except that the bolts can be tightened in time, all parts need to be replaced.

  Vibrating screens often fail during operation, and the cause of the problem should be identified immediately after the failure. At the same time, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the linear vibrating screen should be strengthened, and professional technicians should be equipped to operate it, so as to achieve full-time full-time. Only in this way, the equipment can better serve the enterprise and create value.