Screening method for swinging sieve materials


  The rocking screen is a special equipment in the screening equipment. It is the screening equipment closest to manual screening from the screening method. The rocking screen is suitable for screening a variety of materials, and the output is very small and wide, which has many advantages compared to other vibrating screens. There are several ways to screen the swing sieve:

  1. Double treatment screening: The materials entering the sieve machine are evenly distributed on two levels, so that the processing capacity of a single sieve machine is nearly doubled, and one sieve machine is used as two.

  2, combined screening: ordinary screening + rotary screening, improve the utilization rate of a single sieve.

  3. Swirling sieving: Two layers of screens can be used for sieving materials, and the same aperture is used for the two layers to improve the screening accuracy.

  4. Convoluted reverse sieving: The material sieving is sieved from fine → medium to medium → medium → coarse, and the coarse material plays a role in cleaning the mesh.