The sealing ring for the vibrating screen


  The vibrating screen is also called three-dimensional vibrating screen. It mainly screens fine powder materials. The advantages are strong anti-corrosion, high efficiency, low noise and good sealing.


  Today, we will explain why the sealing performance of the vibrating screen is so good. In fact, it is mainly determined by the quality of the sealing ring. There are many types of sealing rings, which are roughly divided into: rubber material, silicone material, polyurethane material. Appropriate materials should be used according to the occasion.Under normal circumstances, the silicone material is superior to the rubber material. The main advantage of the silicone is that it has strong wear resistance and good elasticity. It is the most widely used in the food industry, and the cost of the rubber material seal ring is lower. the following explains the characteristics of various sealing rings for the user:

  1. Rubber material: It is widely used, but it is used less in food and chemical industries. Rubber itself will have certain pollution for materials. The rubber will fall off easily during screening and affect the quality of materials. The advantage is low price and strong wear resistance.

  2, polyurethane material: usually polyurethane material is used in mining, it is relatively rare as a seal ring of the vibrating screen, but in the mining environment it is widely used. Also more common, polyurethane is more wear-resistant than silicone, rubber.

  3, silicone material: the color is milky white, its softness is better, so the sealing performance is the best in the sealing material, especially for the starch and mud powder, so, you should choose silicone material as the first choice. Although the cost is higher, the actual value is much higher than the other two materials.