When sieve running, the material running deviate direction, how to deal with it?


  In the running of the linear sieve, material deviate direction is a common problem, but there are still many people who do not know how to solve it. Today, the vibrating screen industry network will share with you: the seven reasons for the deviate direction of linear sieve materials:

  1. Improper installation of vibration motor

  Because the linear vibrating sieve transports the material through the vibrating body, that is: the vibrating motor gives the material a well-designed, fixed-direction, fixed-size exciting force. Therefore, when the material deviatie direction occurs, it can be basically judged that the installation angle of the vibration motor is a problem.

  2. The equipment has a large workload and long running time.

  Due to the heavy weight of the linear sieve, coupled with the large-scale screening labor for many years, some parts of the body will loosen due to such long-term repeated vibration and strong inertia, which may lead to changes in the angle of the vibration motor. The phenomenon of material deviate direction occurred.

  3. Uniform feeding without requirements

  If the feeding is suddenly increased or reduced, it is easy to cause the screening accuracy to be unstable, resulting in a large deviation of the material stress, and the material is biased to one side.

  4. The damper springs and other parts of the sieve are aging and loose.

  Linear vibrating sieve damping spring, bouncing ball, sealing ring, more or less also affect the vibrating sieve force and linear vibrating sieve body of the horizontal stability.

  If a certain component has problems such as aging, there will be a problem that the linear vibrating sieve is uneven, the sieve machine is unstable, and the discharge direction is deviated.

  5. The position of the center of gravity of the linear screen itself is unstable or the position of the eccentric block of the motor is not balanced.

  6. Damping springs have different materials and different stiffness

  The importance of the damping spring to the linear vibrating sieve is no less than that of the vibrating motor. It plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the linear vibrating sieve and prolonging the life of the linear vibrating sieve. Many manufacturers use inferior fittings and materials to reduce costs, lowering prices to attract customers and then led to some customers losing a lot.

  7. Sieve body deformation

  The sieve body is composed of a screen frame and a sieve plate fixed around it. Under the normal operation of the linear vibrating screen, especially the large-scale, high-frequency linear vibrating screen, the screen frame receives the strong exciting force of the gravity and vibration motor from the large-scale screening material at the same time. If the strength is insufficient, it is easy to be deformed, the problem of damage. The strength of the sieve body depends mainly on the manufacturer's material selection, welding process, and additional robust design.