How to solve the problem of small amplitude


  When the tumbler vibrating screen fails to start or the amplitude is small, you should check the machine first to see if there is a problem with the motor. Or is there too much material on the screen?

  1.The motor is damaged or the voltage is insufficient.

  2.Excessive accumulation of material on the screen surface causes the machine to fail to start.

  3.The electrical components in the line are damaged. For these problems, the motor should be replaced, the voltage should be checked, and the remaining materials on the screen surface should be cleaned and replaced with new electrical components.

  Reason of small amplitude

  There are three reasons of small amplitude from screen mesh, resonance and bouncing balls:

  1. Screen mesh:The tumbler vibrating screen is not tightened when the net is installed or the screen is opened to make the amplitude smaller.

  2.Resonance: The rocking screen vibration motor or screen frame is damaged or cracked, causing the frequency offset to make the amplitude smaller.

  3.Bouncing ball:The tumbler vibrating screen usually needs to increase the bouncing ball device when sieving finer materials. The bouncing ball and the screen mesh can cause the material to penetrate the net.

  Solution of small amplitude

  1. Screen problem: You can check whether the screen is tight or not by hand. If it is found that there is no tension or glue opening, the screen should be removed and re-stretched.

  2. Resonance problem: You can check the motor or screen frame. If cracks are found, stop the machine immediately and contact the factory for repair.

  3. Bouncing ball problem: increase the punching plate device under the screen, place the bouncing ball and rubber ring on the top, the bouncing ball can choose 25 mm.

  In addition, when the user purchases the vibrating screen for the first time, the manufacturer should increase the number of bouncing ball device according to the processed materials.