Summary of solutions for vibrating screen


  1. Regularly check the tension and flatness of the screen. When replacing the screen, it must be replaced in strict accordance with the requirements of the linear vibrating screen manufacturer. There must be more than 2 people to cooperate. One person is responsible for tensioning the screen and the other is responsible for fastening. Screen. It is worthwhile to pay attention to the uniform and quantitative scientific feeding method when feeding, which can effectively avoid the sieving surface loosening and damage caused by the uneven thickness of the material stacked on the sieve surface.

  2. The installation of the screen box is generally the responsibility of the shaker manufacturer. If there is a phenomenon of non-feeding caused by the level of the screen box, please contact the manufacturer immediately to ask for after-sales service, and please have a specialized technician come to the scene to carry out the horizontal exposure Adjustment of the horizontal plane.

  3. The maintenance of the vibration motor's excitation force needs to be performed on a regular basis for lubrication and maintenance. If the vibration motor's excitation force needs to be adjusted due to material replacement or output changes, it can increase the allocation of the eccentric weights above and below the vibration motor. Number of chunks.

  The upper hammer mainly generates horizontal excitation force, thereby allowing the material to move horizontally on the screen surface, and completes the process of the material diffusing outward from the middle. At the same time, the magnitude of the horizontal vibration amplitude determines the speed of the material movement; This can be achieved by increasing the weight of the upper eccentric weight. As the weight increases, the vibration amplitude increases, otherwise it decreases.

  In order to better achieve better screening efficiency, you need to combine with the manufacturer to make a suitable adjustment plan according to the material characteristics.

  4. If the original shaker spring equipped with aging needs to be replaced, it is recommended to choose a support spring with a certain toughness as the support of the linear vibration screening machine to avoid damage to the support spring due to excessive rigidity. If it is not clear, you can directly contact your equipment manufacturer and ask them to equip them with another damping spring of the same model.

  In a word, in the actual production screening process, the efficiency of the linear vibrating screen is a dynamic balance maintenance issue. Any unreasonable component or link may cause the vibrating screen to appear similar to "no feed, no feed". Such as the problems that affect the screening accuracy and screening efficiency, what we have to do at this time is to calm down, find the real cause of damage and optimize and adjust it. It is also a good choice to seek professional help from the shaker manufacturer.