Swing Vibrating sieving machine



  ZYFY fine sieving machine is a new kind of high standard screening equipment, available for metallurgy, abrasive, mining, building materials, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries in the fine classification.



  42''——screen’s width(inch)

  100''——screen’s length(inch)


  2.Machine’s instruction

  1) In order to reduce the material impact to screen, Requires screening machine materials from the material divide is not more than 40 cm, or add the buffer board.

  2) Soft connection will be used in dust holes, the feed inlet and outlet. Should not solidly put on the sieve machine body, and require the clearance between screen and the surrounding objects should not be less than 300 mm.

  B.Machine’s feature and working principle

  1. ZYFY series fine sieving machine is through the reciprocating rotary movement and slightly sloping surface of the specific methods. let the materials through the screen mesh fastly, it can reach the high efficiency and high yield. And was equipped with automatic tension and self-cleaning installation system, to achieve the ideal screening effect. Totally enclosed structure, accord with work environmental requirements, movement in a certain way, almost no vertical impact load on the ground foundation, making ZYFY series sieving machine have more broad market application environments.

  2. This machine mainly include the screen box, screen mesh, actuating device , Screen frame, friction support device. Driver installed in the screen head department, the motor drives the driver through v-belt, Makes the screen box reciprocating motion. Oversize material is on the surface of the sieve thrust action, rapid flow to the end of discharge, and thereby complete screening operation.

  3. Screen is the most wearing parts, you can use woven mesh according to the need with single layer and multilayer. graphite plate, bearing is wearing parts, general should have the spare parts.

  C. Lifting,transportation and storage


  The equipment has a special lifting holes located on the chassis(above channel),to select four lifting holes when lifting equipment.The hole of equipment head is for repair,just lifting screen box used when equipment maintenance.

  Notice:Attention to the tilt angle angle should not exceed 20 degrees when lifting equipment.

  2.transport and storage equipment

  Pay attention to moisture proof and prevent rain in the transportation,strictly prohibit to place a weight of over 200kg above the equipment and can’t collide.

  D. Installation,adjustment and commissioning of sieve machine

  1、The installation is divided into two kinds of seat type and lift type, actual delivery according to the specifications of sieve machine adopt corresponding installation form supply.

  2、The TV have several installation location, no special requirements when installed according to the manufacturer’s drawings.

  3、When install screening machine, should be embed steel in accordance with requirements of supply drawings and to ensure that the embedded steel plane on the same level, if necessary, should be carry out grouting, make sure that the screen box horizontal.

  4、Required for installation of the embedded steel, foot bolts and so on by installation company supply.

  5、After the screening equipment leaves factory, placed more than six months, the bearing in the drive must be cleaned without disassembly before installing and then re-injected into the new oil.

  6、The drive after re-fueling, turn the pulley by hand no too large resistance or stuck phenomenon, or should be further investigation and adjustment.

  7、The various components of the screening equipment meet installation requirements through inspection, can make commissioning, should be checked the fasteners and whether there is obstruction around screening machine to impede the movement of the screening machine.

  8、Generally the commissioning requires 4-6 hours, to observe running of screening machine in the process of commissioning, if find losing of vibration, abnormal sound, bearing temperature is too high and so on, it should promptly stop to check the reasons, and remove obstacles to be run again.

  9、after 4-6 hour commissioning, should check the following items:

  1)、The bearing temperature in the drive: require the bearing temperature not exceed 75 degrees, the temperature rising no more than 40 degrees.

  2)、To check fasteners, if loosing, please locked in a timely manner.

  3)After screening machine heavy-duty operation qualified, can be put into production, screening machine put into trial production within two weeks, temperature rising of various parts bearing and each fastener should be checked daily.

  E. Operation

  1, screen machine should be turned on in case of no load (avoid turn on with the material).Until the machine run smoothly you can give material. In addition you should stop feeding material firstly, and after all the material on the screen surface was discharged you can stop the machine.

  2, in the course of work, operator should observe screening machine frequently, like the Parts of the bearing temperature, and make a record. If you find that the temperature rise is not normal, bearing temperature is too high or listening the noising of materials percussion you must stop to check the machine, after troubleshooting you can rerun.

  F. Maintenance

  1,Generally speaking, the discharge end of the connecting two bearing parts should refueling about 10~15ml once a week.

  2, the exciter and the driver board bearing lubricants of the machine all should use No. 2 lithium grease 40 to 50 ml once a week. Methods of operation: Screwing the bolts in the outside of the shaker refueling and the small axis of the drive plate end and filling enough oil, then screwing bolt into the bottom to make sure all the lubricating oil into the bearing. Accordingly there is a random distribution of the oil gun fuel and do refueling records.

  3.after using six months, you should check the oil in the drive timely, if you found the grease dries, lumps, or fuel poor, you should clean right now and replaced it with new oil, bearing need clean and check every half year.

  4, Weekly inspection locking handles to ensure that the handle is always in the lock status.

  5, To ensure the cabinet interior sieve grid the box fixed, prohibit swaying back and forth. If shaking, tighten bolts fastening the screen grid box. If for some reason can not tighten the bolts can also use wood top tight screen grid.

  G. Partial components:

  1.Nose driving Parts

  The way of lock sleeve disassembly: First,Dismantling 8-M16*110 high strength hexagonal bolt on lock sleeve. and then screwing four of bolts in lock sleeve thread hole evenly and make lock sleeve move along the shaft, next separating it from box Tapered Hole contacting, finally dismantle lock sleeve.

  The way of lock sleeve installation: Firstly,keep 2-5mm space between lock sleeve ground and large end of small shaft to make sure small shaft turn freely. Then make the two hole on the surface of small shaft in the one straight line with any group hole on box .Put in lock sleeve, adjust small shaft slightly to make 8-M16*110 high strength hexagonal bolt screw in the upper threaded hole. Then drop box body to make box snap to small shaft large end. Tight bolts to make box, small shaft ,lock sleeve fasten together.

  Considering the vibrating screen using characteristic :after installing the lock sleeve, according to the machine working time interval(5 minutes,1 hour,4 fours,8 hours 1 week,1 month) to tight the 8-M16*110 high strength hexagonal bolt.


  1).Keep clear surrounding environment to avoid the clutter into the bearing.

  2).Sealing ring must be covered in bearing housing.

  3) .Cushion aluminum plate, use hammer percussion lock sleeve set down. Try to avoid use bolt to force lock sleeve down,tighten.