Three common faults and solutions for ultrasonic vibrating screens


  1. The vibration amplitude is small, and the screen surface vibration is weak

  The insulation values of the cables and plugs are not enough, the transducers are not locked, the screens are not installed correctly, and the frequency of the resonators is out of regulation. Check these parts one by one, solve the problem, or tighten the transducer, install the screen, and clean up debris;

  2.After starting, the screen has no vibration

  In the event of such a failure, it is necessary to check several items: whether the connection between the power supply and the transducer is short-circuited, the transducer is loose, and the like. Check these items one by one. You can also use a multimeter to check the connection between each cable and the tap, and check the transducer. If problems are found, repair or replace them in time;

  3.Poor screening quality

  This phenomenon is caused by improper operation, due to clogging of the mesh, increase of fine particles in the material, and increase of moisture, so that the upper layer of the sieve is too thick, resulting in uneven feeding;

  It may also be because the two sides of the screen are not tightly pulled. If the shaft is eccentrically vibrated, it may be because the belt is dragged weakly or too loosely. It can be used for a period of reverse rotation, in order to improve the screening quality;