Tumbler Vibrating Screen Introduce and install detail Introduce


  The tumbler vibrating screen is a kind of artificial screening equipment that can screen irregular shapes, flakes and fragile materials that cannot be sieved by ordinary vibrating screens. It is irregular in shape such as monosodium glutamate and sucrose, easy to be carded, and easy to use. The industry with shredded traits has a wide range of applications. The product can be screened for less than 500 mesh for screening work, and has up to 5 times the output per unit area compared to ordinary screening equipment, and can be screened to 6 levels.


  The tumbler vibrating screen made of screen frame, net rack, cleaning device, motor, tension spring and bearing, which are also the main parts in the installation process of the rocking screen. The screen frame and net rack are made of 304 stainless steel, and the thickness of the plate is 3 mm±2. This ensures the service life of the screen frame and the grid and ensures that the characteristics of the screened material are not affected. Circular swing screen main accessories motor, bearing, tension spring, motor can use ordinary motor or explosion-proof motor, the bearing can be used domestically or imported, the tension spring needs to use rubber spring, the user should choose according to the production demand.

  Install detail

  1. The tumbler vibrating screen is placed on a level ground or horizontal platform, and the rocking screen base is fixed by an expansion screw;

  2. Adjust the position of the discharge port to meet the requirements of the site discharge position;

  3. Check for any debris in the screen frame;

  4. Connect the motor with a three-phase 380V power cord, and do not lose phase;

  5. After turning on the power, ensure that the screen body swings in a clockwise direction;

  Please note:

  After the above items are checked normally, the motor can be started and run for about 10 minutes. Observe and check the following items:

  1. There is no abnormal sound;

  2. The base is fixed firmly, the fasteners are not loose, the sieve body is swinging flexibly;

  3. The V-belt is moderately tensioned.