Ultrasonic vibrating screen can not be screened and slow down how to solve


  First, the screening can not go down Solution:

  1. When the ultrasonic vibrating screen equipment is screened, the material movement has no specified trajectory, and the problem of eccentric block is excluded. Then it is necessary to check whether the screen mesh is tight or not. Tightening the screen mesh can improve efficiency on the one hand, and improve the screen on the other hand. Net life

  2. The degree of material dispersion is too scattered, and the swaying amplitude of the sieve machine is large, which causes the material to be beating on the screen surface and not going down. In this case, it is necessary to increase the angle of the upper and lower eccentric blocks of the motor;

  2. Contrary to the second case, the material is blocked in the middle of the screen, the material does not jump, pile up, and the screening is slow. In this case, the angle of the upper and lower eccentric blocks of the motor needs to be reduced.

  Second, the solution to slow feeding:

  1. The screen surface of the ultrasonic vibrating screen should be level with the discharge port, otherwise the screening effect will be affected, and the user can adjust by adjusting the support foot below the vibrating screen;

  2. The novice user can control the discharge by adjusting the upper and lower eccentric block angles of the vibration motor. If the eccentric angle becomes smaller, the material can spread out more quickly and vice versa. Generally, it is advisable to adjust the eccentric angle of the vibration motor at about 5° each time. If the requirements and precision of the screening material are high, the angle of the eccentric block should not be too small, otherwise the screening accuracy will be affected. Huanxin Machinery Xiaobian suggested that the eccentric angle is 45°;

  3. Check whether the ultrasonic vibrating screen discharge port and the screen are level or too high. In general, the screen should be 5 mm higher than the discharge port. Because of the different materials, the height design of the discharge port is also different, and the user can adjust accordingly according to the requirements.