Ultrasonic vibrating screen installation


  1.Adjustment and trial operation:

  1 Before installing the machine, first check whether the parts are complete and complete according to the packing list.

  2 According to the installation diagram, the equipment should be installed with sufficient rigidity and strength to support all static and dynamic loads of the vibrating screen. When installing, make sure the screen is in a horizontal position.

  3 Ensure that a minimum of 75 mm clearance is maintained between the screen and non-moving parts such as hoppers and chutes.

  4 Ultrasonic power supply is AC220V, 50Hz. Check if the AC220V power supply is correct.

  The ultrasonic controller and the leads of the converter are connected by a plug. Please follow the indication of the ultrasonic controller connection line, insert the interface and lock it so that the ultrasonic controller is properly connected to the ultrasonic interface of the body. The transducer is reliably screwed to the grid. It is strictly forbidden to use the control unit to test the transducer (the transducer is not reliably installed on the grid, the vibrating screen and the ultrasonic controller should be reliably grounded. To ensure the normal operation of the ultrasonic, the controller, transducer and grid Please confirm the products of the same manufacturer before use. Do not mix with other manufacturers.

  2.Commissioning and commissioning:

  2.1 Check that the power supply and each electrical connection are correct and reliable, and run at no load for 5 minutes. Adjust the angle of the upper and lower weights and the weight of the weights so that the running track of the mesh material meets the user's requirements. After adjustment, tighten the fastening bolts of the upper and lower weights.

  2.2 Confirm that the ultrasonic controller is connected to the converter, securely mounted on the grid, turn on the power of the ultrasonic controller, and select the desired vibration mode. Touching the mesh surface with your hand should have a noticeable vibration.