Vertical airflow screen


  The vertical airflow screen is the same as the horizontal airflow screen and is a type of airflow screening machine. The principle is to abandon the principle of gravity potential energy operation, using air carrier, kinetic energy work principle. (After mixing the material with the air through the negative pressure airflow, enter the middle of the screen wind wheel, apply sufficient centrifugal force through the wind turbine blade, spray the net through the barrel screen, and collect through the volute. The super-diameter material cannot pass through the net, The automatic slag discharge is discharged to achieve rapid screening.)

  Vertical airflow screen features:

  1. The screening efficiency is high, up to 95%.

  2. The output of a single unit is 5-10 times or more of other vibrating screens.

  3, product fineness, no mixing phenomenon.

  4, adapt to a wide range of fineness. 80-600 mesh powder materials can be efficiently screened.

  5. The screen is installed vertically, without load, and has a long service life.

  6. The screening system is carried out under negative pressure and half cycle, without dust pollution.

  7, can be used with a variety of mills, wind roads in conjunction with the network.

  8, low noise, low energy consumption, continuous operation, low maintenance rate.

  9, can be specially designed to meet special needs.

  Vertical airflow screen application range:

  The vertical airflow screen has the same application range as the horizontal airflow screen, and is widely used in various powder materials such as graphite powder, resin powder, Chinese medicine powder, fly ash, fire extinguishing agent, milk powder, metallurgical powder, PVC resin powder.