Vibrating screen in the iron powder industry application


  1. There are two kinds of iron powder, one is reduced iron powder and the other is iron oxide powder.

  2. From the granularity, it is customarily divided into five grades of coarse powder, medium powder, fine powder, very fine powder and ultrafine powder. Generally, it is filtered by 80 mesh, 120 mesh and 200 mesh.

  3. The iron powder having a particle size of 150 to 500 μm is a coarse powder, the particle size is 44 to 150 μm for a medium powder, 10 to 44 μm for a fine powder, 0.5 to 10 μm for a very fine powder, and less than 0.5 μm for a superfine powder.

  4. A powder which will generally pass through a 325 mesh standard sieve, i.e., having a particle size of less than 45 μm, is referred to as micro sieve. The iron powder vibrating screen is good for coarse screening. When screening for fine or micro-sized iron powder, the screening accuracy is too low, and it is often subjected to secondary screening.