Vibration platform working principle and characteristics


  1. Introduction to the vibration platform:

  The vibration platform is mainly used for material vibration and reduces air and gaps in the material. The tapping platform can change the granular and powdery materials from bulk to block form and shape in the production process. Widely used in metallurgy, mold, food, chemical, building materials and other industries.

  2. Vibration platform principle:

  During the use of the vibration platform, the vibration of the vibration motor can be adjusted to achieve the desired form of the material on the platform. The machine is combined with a roller conveyor to form a production line. The vibration platform is used in the production process to transform particles and powder materials from bulk to bulk, shape and the like. The table top of the vibration platform is connected with the air spring by the air spring. The noise is low during operation and the vibration damping effect is good. Has a good process and environmental protection.

  3.Vibration platform features:

  1, high power, large table; maximum power 7.5kw, exciting force 80KN, can carry the weight of the sand box 8T.

  2. The height of the table top is adjustable, which is suitable for use on the assembly line.

  3, three-dimensional vibration, suitable for complex cavity castings.

  4, stepless speed change, in the modeling process, without compromising the model, the best tightening effect can be obtained.

  5, self-locking function, can ensure accurate positioning in the production line.