Belt conveyor production line

Technical Parameters

Belt conveyor production line is an economical, simple structure, smooth operation, low noise, it can be conveyed uphill, downhill, horizontal, and turn,also can conveyed box, granule, lump, powder and other type of material, body structure multimodal diverse, groove, horizontal, climbing type, turn type, blade type and other forms. The conveyor belt may also be an additional push,sideboards, skirts and other accessories. Shape is simple, reliable, easy maintenance, with the use of electric or pneumatic components can achieve fully automated production, saving labor costs.

Belt conveyors can transport material in a wide variety of structural forms, except for the delivery of ordinary materials, but also to meet the oil, high temperature,corrosion resistant,anti-static and other special request material.

Belt conveyor production line picture one
Belt conveyor production line picture one
Belt conveyor production line
Belt conveyor production line
Belt conveyor production line one
Belt conveyor production line one
Belt conveyor production line two
Belt conveyor production line two


Our products are widely used in the conveyor of production of light industry as below:

  1. Agriculture:washing/disinfecting/drying/packing/cooling/freezing of vegetables/ fruit/meat/aquatic products/sea food.
  2. Food: Instant noodles/rice noodles/snacks/box lunch/bakeries/cans/sugar.
  3. Wines and beverage: Mineral water/pure water/soft drink / milk/dairy/wines.
  4. Medicine and chemical industry.
  5. Machinery components/auto parts/powder metallurgy/glass.and so on.


  1. The variety of colors and patterns
  2. High intensity, resist erosion, anti aging
  3. Fireproof, waterproof, rotproof, rustproof, dampproof and environmental friendly.
  4. Easy setting and cleaning.
  5. Capacity adjustable,motor manual or automatic.
  6. Simple structure,convent operation and maintenance.

Technical Parameter

Model BL
length 1000mm-8000mm
Capacity 50kg/m
Speed 50m/min
Height Min.240mm
Belt type PVC
Power of Motor 0.37KW/0.75KW/1.5KW

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