Horizontal electric motor

Technical Parameters


Horizontal electric

Vibration source three phase asynchrony motor is a kind of universal exciting source for all kinds of vibration machines, such as vibrating feeder, vibrating conveyor, vibrating drying machine, vibrating ore drawing machine, vibrating shake out machine, vibrating sieving machine, vibrating occlusion prevention machine for storage bin, having been applied in many fields like electricity, construction, food, coal, mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, foundry, railway, cement, port etc.

Technical Parameter

Environmental temperature ≤40°C
Altitude ≤1000m
Source voltage 380V
Source frequency 50Hz
Levels of protection IP54 IP55
Connection method Y or Δ
Insulation level B、F
Working way S1(constant)

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Lab testing sieve is made for the measure of particles size distribution and the determination of impurity content in solid and liquid,which is extensively used in scientific laboratories and quality inspection departments

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