Technical Parameter for Ultrasonic system

Technical Parameters


1. Ultrasonic control instrument

ultrasonic system 38 KHZ high-frequency ultrasonic generator. The built-in microcomputer chip, according to the different states of ultrasonic automatic tracking whole digital frequency, without manual adjustment, operation simple and convenient.

High frequency cable

High frequency cable use cable connection between ultrasonic oscillator and ultrasonic control instrument.


Connector air connector.


Converter high frequency ultrasonic devices.

Ultrasonic rack

Ultrasonic rackx consists of outer rack and resonance.


Screen apply 10 mesh to 635 mesh

2.Ultrasonic controller

no. name parameter
1 Power supply AC 220V±10%,50~60Hz
2 The machine current ≤ 1A
3 High frequency current ≤ 0.8A
4 Working frequency 38 KHZ
5 Model five kinds
6 The highest temperature 45 degrees
7 Connection mode plug type, easy to plug, convenient replacement
8 Dimension 250*195*90mm
9 Weight 3.1kg
10 The shell Full-sealing casting aluminum structure,
can be used in high dust,environment

3.Displays status

On ultrasonic controller panel has "work mode" and "work/pause" button, in addition has a digital window to display the working condition.

Ultrasonic controller has 5 kinds of working mode, user can choose according to need:

  1. "Work/pause" button: press this button once in the working condition, ultrasonic suspend work, window shows "0000 PX" (X according to different work mode display 1 ~ 5); in suspended state press the button once, ultrasonic return to normal working condition.
  2. "Work mode" option button: ultrasonic controller has C1 ~ C5 five different work mode, C1 working mode the strongest, C2 less than C1, C4 is weakest, C5 for pulse condition. In ultrasonic system working condition, you press once will change a work mode, from C1 ~ C5 conversion cycles.
  3. Memory function. For example: if the last time closed when ultrasonic controller working mode is the C3, turn on it, this controller is still working in the C3 model.
  4. Error display function. In working status, the screen shows E indicate error information. the Numbers behind E indicate wrong type.

4.Displays status table

NO. Display word Means Note
1 CX (X represents a number of 1-5) represent the continuous state
work. For example: C1 said the current work in C1 model.
Window on the fist line
2 0.XXX (XXX represent three digits), said that the output state value of ultrasonic Window on the fist line
3 PX (X represents a number of 1-5) suspend state currently. For example:
P1 means suspend state under the working mode 1.
Window on the fist line
4 E1 Wrong word 1 said ultrasonic working current is more than rated value. Window on the fist line
5 E2 Wrong word 2 said ultrasonic amplitude is weak. Window on the fist line
6 E3 Wrong word 3 said ultrasonic no working current Window on the fist line

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